Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 39, Feeling Fresh

I was going back through my phone the other day and happened to come across this short but life changing voicemail. This was the day on January 16th, I got the call from my pharmacy that Sovaldi and Ribavirin was approved by my insurance, scripts were written and shipments were ready. I'll never forget that moment, getting that phone call, as I quickly ran to wake up Alex that morning and share with her the good news. Little did I know, 4 weeks later, I'd be HCV free and undetected. WOW! Mind=Blown...

Been an awesome last day of February in Central Florida today folks. Been outside most of the day trimming trees, doing yard work, mowing the lawn, weed cutting etc... While most of the nation is in cold digits, sunny Florida is in the mid 70's today, and no clouds in sight, all warm sunshine. Feeling humbled, blessed and obedient to my Father's Will for me. God is amazing... But you already knew that right!?

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