Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One Step At A Time

This past week has been rather monumental for me, once again proving to myself that I am not defined by the limitations given to me from those based in the medical community. With a severely damaged right knee, and ankles that crunch and crackle with each step, I managed to walk a total of 34 miles and close to 81,000 steps last week alone. Of course I was on vacation, and was required to do a considerable amount of walking, but nonetheless, I proved not only to myself that I can do it, but to others as well. Sure I was sore, aching and feeling the result of daily activities by night, but I am conditioning myself to walk more and more. It all started in the theme parks, and walking those successfully, and now I'm able to walk much longer distances. Last week alone, I managed to rack up 27,464 steps in a single day. That's close to 12 miles worth in a single day of just walking. You can do it, you can beat the odds, you can overcome and remember, you are not defined by your disease(s). Any goal worth striving for requires effort, so start small, and build yourself up more and more each day. Before long, you'll be astonishing not only yourself, but your doctors and those that wag the finger in your face and say you cannot. If I would have listened to my doctors in the 80's, according them I would be confined to a wheelchair by age 30. The world tells us no, but the human will is a mighty force to be reckoned with. God Bless! -Joe