Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Featured on Hashtag Our Stories

Hey friends! It's been a while. To be honest, not much has changed in terms of my healthcare and physical status. I'm still taking the same medications, and pursing an active and healthy gym and fitness lifestyle. I'm so blessed to be in the season I am in, and my labs look great! Home life is the best it's ever been, and the wife and I are still traveling and going to the theme parks regularly here in Orlando, FL. 

One thing that is new is I'm currently seeking treatment on my lower back by way of chiropractic care. My first appointment is on Thursday (two days from the date of this post), so I'm a little anxious about how treatment will go for a severe hemophiliac. To be honest, my back could use some major work. Having one leg shorter than the other from a lifetime of target joint bleeds in my right knee, my entire right leg is a half inch shorter than my left. This is because there is no spacing in the joint to cushion impact like a healthy joint's synovium has. My right knee is literally bone to bone. So I will update you guys on the progress there after my appointment. Fingers crossed! 

As the title suggests, I was recently featured on the mobile journalism platform, Hashtag Our Stories. It's founded by Yusuf Omar, and basically allows users to share their stories of triumph, hardship and really peels back the veil from mainstream media bringing new light to how stories of individuals are told and shared. Their stories are shared on social media platforms like SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as opposed to mainstream network media. 

In honor of World Hemophilia Day, which was on April 17th, 2022 this year, I was approached by Hashtag Our Stories to record and share my full unbridled story. Below is the video the 3 and a half minute video their editors put together. I've gotten a range of emotional responses, and a wealth of love and support for being so transparent. But, it's not my story, but God's story. God is using my hardships to help comfort the lives of those hurting, with questions and seeking counsel about their own diagnosis. I pray this video will steer your in the right path, and encourage all who watch it let me know your thoughts. My DM's are always open.