Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 24 of Dragon Slaying

I officially have 4 pills left in bottle #1 of 5 more to go of Sovaldi. Yesterday was a stay at home and rest kind of day. I had a little brain fog and some mild delirium to contend with over the past couple days. On top of that, my wife had to call in sick the past two nights from having mild flu-like symptoms, something she probably picked up working in the hospital. So we've both been kind of giving each other some time to mend, some personal space, because when your body is experiencing flu symptoms, last thing you want is a lot of commotion or annoyances. So, I've been working on the PC the past few days, while she rests, doing some graphic design and pretty much just being a home body with my wife. I also got my second shipment of Sovaldi yesterday from the pharmacy, was encouraging to see on the label I only had 4 more refills, WHEW! I go February 18th for my lab work to see where the virus stands. If I'm undetected by week four, it's called an RVR (Rapid Virological Response) which means I'm a rapid responding patient whose odds just tripled essentially in getting cured of the virus once and for all. Pray for healing, pray for a cure, but above all else, pray for God's perfect will to be utilized to the fullest with my life.

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day, wait, didn't we just celebrate the new year? Wow, the days are just zooming by 100MPH. Alexandra and I have some fun tomorrow, we're dining with royalty. We will be up in the top of Cinderella's Castle tomorrow night for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two with the princess herself. Let me just add, not an easy feat being it's Valentine's Day and dinner in Cinderella's Castle. But it's a new experience for  us, and we're so excited to be at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow night for romance, fireworks and Disney.

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