Saturday, February 22, 2014

Day 33, The Head Swim

This update will be short, but I haven't posted in the past few days, because honestly, not much has changed except one minor nuisance. Shortly after taking Ribavirin on a full stomach, I get this odd sensation in my head like I'm in the ocean, or I've been tossed around by a strong wave. That unbalanced feeling in the head followed by a little queasiness in the stomach. It generally only lasts about 30-45 minutes and then eventually slowly fades away. Other than that, just getting by, and waiting for Tuesday when I go to the doctors to get the results of my 4 week viral load. Even though I want it to be undetected, I mentally have to open to any outcome, expected or unexpected. Either way, God is in control, and together, we've already won the battle. So yeah, that's where I'm at mentally on all this. Have a blessed Sunday everyone, and I'll be back soon with my blogging on my Sovaldi and Ribavirin liver treatment.

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