Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 21, Movin' Right Along

Wow, I'm officially 21 days in the Sovaldi therapy and I'm "Movin' Right Along," as the cast of Muppets sing so joyously. I called my pharmacy today that provides me the drug therapy to re-order the next round and month of treatment. It's wild to say that I'm almost done with one full month, one full bottle and 4 weeks in. I go tomorrow to find out my CBC labs, so I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on that news. I'm curious to see how my immunity and WBC are responding to therapy. During tomorrow's visit, I will be given a lab slip for a 4 week viral load check of my HCV. This is the big one, so I'm looking for great things to happen this week! I have faith! But remember, I'm not praying for the cure, I'm praying for God's will!

Yesterday marked a milestone for me health wise. In an effort to drink more water, and eat healthier, I managed to walk over 7 miles, take over 17K steps, and burn close to 3K calories in one single day! Thanks my FitBit armband, it reminds when to take my medicine, when to drink water, and even monitors calories burned, sleep cycles/patterns and sets up a healthy meal plan for me. I am currently on a 2,200 calorie a day diet, and have a goal to loose 10lbs by Summer. I'm 170 now, and would ideally like to be at 160 for Summer time and bathing suit beach fun. I want all my fellow Heppers out there to know you can be on therapy, feel like crap, but still do things to make your body feel better. Drink lots of water, over 64oz a day throughout the day, and then go take an evening or morning walk to get your heart pumping. Perspiration releases toxins and helps clean up your blood and overall make you feel better. You wouldn't think that, but believe me, it really helps! I felt like crap until I realized I could have been doing things throughout the day while on therapy to remedy many of my symptoms and side effects. And it worked! Less brain fog, cramping, aching, lethargy has dwindled, and I'm feeling fantastical!

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