Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 29, Went In For Labs

Today was the big day for getting my labs drawn. It's officially been 29 days of therapy today, and so at the four week mark, it was time to check my viral load of hepatitis to see how well the new drug therapy is working. I recall back in 2006 going in for the 4 week viral load test, and the results saying I still had a viral load of like 12,000. But that was with the standard interferon and ribavirin therapy 8 years ago.
As a matter of fact, I keep meticulous medical records of my progress over the past 10 years. I have lab work literally from almost 10 years ago sitting in a drawer in my filing cabinet. I happen to come across this old email that I kept and printed from my liver doctor at the time in Kentucky. I had started therapy in 2006 on May 1st, and went 24 weeks on the old school standard treatment regimen. I wasn't a Rapid Viral Responder (RVR), and around August 14th, 2006 I had labs drawn, 16 weeks later I went undetected. It wasn't until I completed therapy on October 9th that a study was done and results released shortly after stating that I should have went 48 weeks, not 24 weeks. 3 weeks later, I relapsed and the virus came back. It's interesting to go back and see all of this old data, and reflect on the road that I've traveled and all that has changed in my life in the past 8 years to my new therapy today. I've gotten married, with an amazing wife who happens to be an RN at a local hospital, got a wonderful home and roof over my head, an amazing new church that is on fire for Christ, and I've moved to the theme park capitol of the world Orlando, Florida from my old hometown back in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky.

So now, we fast forward from 2006, to 2014, 8 years later and a new miracle drug is on the market that is curing over 90% of the HEPC infected community. With an astonishing 92% chance of a cure, this is the treatment, the therapy and the time in my life I've been praying for. I've taken intimate care of my body throughout all these years, abstaining from alcohol, smoking or any form of drug abuse. Honestly, drugs was never even an enticement for me. The worst I ever put in my body was an ice cold Pepsi and some healthy eating along the way. As of today, I've lost a total of 3lbs, some intentional, and I'm sure some from the drug therapy. But my appetite remains hearty, and my side effects at most minimal and manageable. I find out the results from today's lab draw hopefully on Feb. 25th, 1:15PM. This particular lab test sometimes takes up to 10 days for the results to finally come in, so it may be up to the 28th before I'll know if I'm undetected. But honestly, the battle has already been won in my heart and soul, the dragon has been slayed, the sleeping giant has fallen and with Christ by my side, I can overcome and do all things through Him who gives me strength. In my spirit, I know I've already beaten this thing, I just have to get through the bouts of anxiety and the next 5 months to officially claim victory! Victory in Jesus!

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