Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 12, And Doing Well

I haven't posted in a couple days, mainly in part because I honestly haven't noticed any changes in my therapy in terms of side effects and the way I feel. I do, however, notice at certain times for periods of about 25-30 minutes in the early afternoon around 3:30PM I get a wave of lethargy that hits me. I typically eat really light lunches and breakfasts, so nothing too heavy like pastas or breads. The lethargy is just the same as a sugar crash, that half hour of just, UGH, BLAH & BLEH! The heartburn has seemed to dwindle down a substantial bit, nothing like it was a few nights ago thank God! Nothing like lying down in bed and the acid so bad in your stomach that the back of your throat is on fire and burning. ICK! All in all, I can determine if heartburn and lethargy are related at all to Sovaldi or Ribavirin, but hey, if that's all the side effects that manifest, than it's a piece of cake!

I have to leave you all with this video I found on YouTube of a girl getting her first lab work drawn and being stuck with a needle. I have never in my life seen a teenager act like this over a stupid needle. Mind you, that comment is coming from someone who injects himself into his veins 3 times a week with a butterfly hypodermic needle. I'm just rolling my eyes and thinking in the back of my head, "Really?" I'm not judging anyone, but this gal has a lot more to cry about in today's world than a stinking needle. I am not sure is this young lady suffers any form of mental illness, but in the case she doesn't, REALLY!?

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