Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It Has Arrived

It finally arrived today around 11:45AM via FedEx. I've formed a regimen plan for taking the medication that surrounds my other regimens so they don't overlap. I will start Sovaldi today at 5PM during dinner with the misses, and then follow up with 400mg of Ribavirin tonight at 10PM. So my daily dosage is like this; Ribavirin 400mg at 10AM and 10PM, 12 hours part. Sovaldi is to be taken every day from 5-6PM after dinner for better absorption into the blood stream.

There is a sense of anxiety going in (my legs won't stop the wobble tick thing), but I'm definitely not worried or nervous at all. Taking a new powerful drug like this always comes with risks, but with a 92% chance of being cured, I'm willing to deal with those risks, if any, as they come; one by one. I will hopefully be able to write a follow-up post tonight to update you all on any side effects I may or may not have. Keep me in your prayers, and more importantly know that we serve one amazing God that is capable of miracles, you're reading the blog of one.


  1. I'm excited for you Joe! You are definitely in my thoughts as always brother and I'm rooting for this to work and for you to have no side effects!