Sunday, January 19, 2014

2 Days And Counting

Just two days away from swallowing the first pill of my 24 week therapy. I'm walking into this therapy with a sense of boldness and confidence I never had before. I previously treated my liver in 2006, and despite the unsuccessful treatment of Interferon and Ribavirin, the introduction of the new tablet Sovaldi is a literal Godsend for me. The whole ordeal has been a year in the making, as I spent the majority of 2013 bouncing from doctor to doctor, being denied treatment, referred here, referred there, and finally in October, the answer came in a random phone call from a doctor who previously denied my case, but referred me to an ARNP at Doctor Phillips Hospital in Orlando. The timing of finding this treatment, the new Sovaldi tablet getting approved by the FDA on December 6th, to submitting the paperwork in mid December and ultimately getting accepted for treatment on January 16th. Now, on January 21st, I will endure a 24 week long therapy of adverse side-effects, repetitive doctor visits, lab work and evaluation. But at the end of the therapy, I stand a 92% chance of being cured all together of the disease that could ultimately claim my liver. There is no fear going in, only day by day. There is no regrets, and definitely I am walking in a sense of confidence with my faith I've never had before. God's will, this is just the beginning of my Lord using my story to gain others to Him. It's for His glory, not mine that I write these words and post this blog.

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