Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 9, Feeling Fine

Wow, it's officially day 9 and pill #9 of my Sovaldi treatment, and things couldn't be more better. I did notice one small thing yesterday, I took Sovaldi on an empty stomach and I had an achy tummy for about 45 minutes an hour later. Next time, small snack with my pill to prevent a tummy ache.

It's been a cold day today here in Clermont, Florida with cold rains, dreary overcast skies and just ickyness. Hey Florida!!? I didn't sign up for this being in the "Sunshine State" and all. But I guess it could be a lot worse, I could be in Atlanta, GA right now. Those poor people having to spend over 36 hours in traffic, freezing cold and no supplies, medication or assistance until now. It's amazing to see the humanity and good nature in man sometimes when strangers open their homes to stranded passengers, schools don't close their doors for the homeless and businesses stay open and extend a welcoming hand to those in need. The moral of today folks, when you think you've got it bad, someone (somewhere) has the battle a little tougher. It's day 9, and I'm feeling fine. Hey, that rhymes! Anywho, love ya, and see ya tomorrow.

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