Monday, January 20, 2014

The Final Countdown

Tomorrow is it. Less than 24 hours from now, I'll be starting the therapy that has been so long and patiently sought. It's been almost 10 years ago since I last treated on the toxic therapy that is both hard on body and mind, but I stand today firm and bold in my faith, and trust that God will deliver me from this infirmity. It's unclear when I contracted Hepatitis C, some say in the mid 80's, while others say far longer than that, closer to age 2 or 3. Even though mild to moderate damage has been done throughout my 34 years to the liver from having the virus, I have taken extreme precautions to abstain from smoking, drinking and drugs that are recreational and harmful to my body over the coarse of my life. That's probably a darn good reason why I'm doing so well today; that and God of course.

The last time I treated with Ribavirin and Interferon, I had side effects from weight loss, mild rash, general lethargy, but amazingly my appetite remained whole. This time around, over 9 years later, there will be no injections of Interferon, as progress in science has lead to new treatments and advances of non-injection therapies. I am amazed at how quickly Sovaldi was approved by the FDA on December 6th, and even more astonished how soon I was told I was a prime candidate for the new drug. With over a 90% cure rate, I stand the odds that will more than likely cure me of this wretched disease once and for all, and I can go on living life without that dark ominous cloud hanging over my conscience; even though I know the good Lord above has my back no matter what outcome His will leads me to. I'm healed either way. :-D

My wife is an RN, so there will be some precaution going into therapy, and we've taken some mild steps to protect me in case my immunity becomes weakened from therapy, as this happened last time I treated as well. My white blood cell count dropped to as low as 1.8, which is very low during the last go-around with treatment. Alexandra will be removing her work scrubs prior to entering our home, as they contain all sorts of contaminants, microbes and germs from the patients she cares for in the hospital. We'll also be making some adjustments for intimacy, as this therapy could cause extreme birth defects and deformities. This is my life, it's real, it's uncensored and honest.

The last time I treated, I lacked confidence, I lacked a wife, I lacked a church family, I lacked friends to pray for me and I lacked a support system. This time, all factors are in place, and my wife ultimately is my biggest support system of them all. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her by my side. God's hand has been all over my life, and this therapy is just another step to validate who He truly is. I feel in my soul, I'm healed already, just have to endure 24 weeks to get there. God will use this testimony to help a lot of people, and through that, I can bring my God all the glory he deserves.

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