Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 54, Literally No Side Effects

I assume my body has finally adapted to liver treatment, as for the past few weeks I've had no side effects at all. Early on I reported brain fog, some difficult to describe sensations in my head and some muscle cramping/aching. But now, 2 months into treatment, I feel fine, refreshed and rejuvenated. I have my typical bouts of lethargy that hit me after lunch hour, the mid-day slum, but other than that, feeling fantastical. It's amazing how well the body adapts to medications over time. But I also know beyond any doubt, the Good Lord in Heaven is guiding me through this entire process, so I know He's probably looking out for my best interest.

The cold sore on my lip is doing much better after doing a topical ointment treatment on it. It's finally crusted over and in the healing phase now. Those things are so annoying and painful, especially in the corner of you mouth on your bottom lip. I purchased the highly recommended $20 tube of ointment from CVS called Abreva, and it's specifically for cold sore topical care. It's a lot cheaper on, but when you're suffering from cold sore, you need relief ASAP, so I couldn't wait for the whole shipping process. The stuff actually works, it's cut in half what a normal cold episode would take to heal. So, I highly recommend this product if you're like me and get the occasional cold sore on the lip.

 Just an FYI to my online friends who follow me on these blogs and this journey together, I've starting a Facebook page, Google+ and Twitter account for "I Strive 2 Thrive." God's really been speaking to me lately, and this will be the title of my autobiographical journals and memoirs when I'm done with my book. Please take a moment to Like and Follow me on both networks to help spread the word about my therapy, testimony and blogs.


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