Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 51, Cold Sore

I was in Cape Coral and noticed a tingle on my lip. This particular spot on my lip has been prone over the past few years to be a target spot for cold sores. I had chicken pox when I was kindergarten and then around age 22 came down with a round of shingles around my abdomen. Weird to have it so young? Not when you have a compromised immune system on top of treating a liver damaging virus. The initial bump, which appeared to be nothing more than acne, healed and went away. But today, that tingle was back, and this time with 4 more bumps around the old one. I knew right away it was my old friend, the cold sore coming back. Now, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with my liver therapy, a coincidence or just my luck of the draw, but at any rate, I have to treat it. So I got some topical ointment from CVS, which was $20 a tube, and started treating it tonight. What's interesting, I haven't had this cold sore thing in over 4 years. It's been a long time because my body and immunity have doing very well. But all of a sudden, oddly, in correlation with liver treatment, this cold sore aka (herpes labialis), is now throbbing on my bottom lip. No I don't have herpes, HAHA! That's just the name of the chicken pox/shingles/fever blister virus that lies dormant in your body regardless of your age. Luckily for me, it's shaped like a hidden Mickey... GO FIGURE!

Aside from this, I am doing incredibly well on liver treatment. No side effects to report, headaches, brain fog and that delusional feeling has seemed to slowly fade away as my body adjusts to the treatment; I know show no signs of ANY side effects. I am 5 days from finishing bottle #2 and month 2, and pretty excited to finish bottle 3 as that will be the halfway point, and another round of lab work.


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