Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm Rebooting

Today, July 28th, is #WorldHepatitisDay, and as we mark today with global awareness, I want to share some pretty awesome news from a visit to my liver doctor today. I had a follow up visit with my Hepatitis C physician Dr. Katherine Smith in Orlando, Florida. It's been over a month since I last seen in her clinic, and this visit was my "post treatment" visit. The virus still remains undetected at the end of therapy, and I will follow up with Dr. Smith on October 20th for my 3 month post treatment visit. Here is a look at my recent lab sheet from the viral analysis.

I told the doctor about a few symptoms I've been having; restlessness, insomnia (mind going a million MPH), and, not to be too informative on this one, but for the sake of the #HCV community I'll list it, diarrhea. She said it was not uncommon for patients who have totally cleared the virus to experience waves of energy, motivation and strive. and the restlessness and energy at night is my body attempting to adjust to a new normal. For so long my body has been used to fatigue, lethargy and a general run down sluggish feeling that I haven't had much energy to do much day to day. Now, I'm hard wired to and ready to plow ahead. As for the random moments of dysentery, same thing applies in my digestive tract as well. My body is rebooting from the inside out. My liver is regenerating, my metabolism is rebuilding itself, my digestive tract is adjusting to a new function of normality, something I'm not used to. Dr. Smith stated that over time, the body will eventually level out, and my symptoms will become less and less enhanced as the weeks go on post treatment. Pretty amazing stuff. I never fathomed my body literally healing and regenerating, but now, it's really happening. I'm a new man, walking in a light and a new victory, leaving my dragon to nothing more than ashes of ruin and a vague memory in the vastness of the future that lies ahead.

As if my life couldn't get any better, this research was published on July 21st, 2014 about a possible upcoming cure in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As if my life couldn't get any more fantastic, the actual word cure and HIV are now being spoken in the same sentence, and the research is under way. Take a moment to watch this amazing and informative video on the new science that could possibly make HIV a thing of the past. To read the official release from the research at Temple University, click here.

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