Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 165, Final Two Days

It's been a busy week, and this final week of treatment has flown by. With the July 4th Holiday yesterday and my friends being in town out of Atlanta, my wife and I have been spending a lot of time with them which has helped get me through these final days of liver treatment.

Yesterday we went to EPCOT at Walt Disney World, and spent the day with each other and ending the night with a bang for Independence Day. Mike, his family and I go back 8 years together. He was there for me when I finished my liver treatment in October 2006, also the best man at my own wedding, even his children took part as ring bearer and flower girl. It's not one of those friendships you wouldn't simply call best friends, it's more family. He's from Atlanta, and whenever his family is in town, which is pretty often luckily, we always end up having a blast in the theme parks. Mike and I have weathered many storms together, personal lives, overcoming, and doing our best to rise up. He's truly like the brother I never had.

As Monday gets closer, the final pill and day of treatment, I feel as if I need to pinch myself to make sure the past 6 months has not been a dream. It's not everyday you find "the" good doctor who introduces you to a ground breaking and life changing liver treatment that will spare one's life from transplant, cirrhosis and end stage liver disease. Sovaldi has been that drug for me. It really works, and a cure is really achievable! After over 30 years, I will soon be walking in the shoes of a second a chance on life, and stride in victory as my own dragon has been slain. With no pun intended, or for lack of a better phrase, that truly is "a hard pill to swallow." But, one I embrace with open arms.

See you on Monday gang.

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