Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 93, Feeling Better!

Just an update on my condition. My sinuses are almost completely cleared thanks to the antibiotics, my eyes are healing up day by day. I'm feeling a lot better, no more chills, fevers, aches, cramps, shakes, headaches etc... The worst is over, now to get on with life. Thanks to everyone who over the past week has sent up prayers for both me and Alex. Words can't express our gratitude, love and humility for our fellow brothers/sisters/friends. We love each of you so much, and are thankful to have you along this journey with us of healing, restoration and replenishing. Too Blessed to be Stressed!

Here is a great video talking about the new drug I'm on to cure my Hepatitis-C, check this out. Pretty amazing I'm on this drug and on the road to a permanent cure. I love seeing editorials like these despite the enormous cost of the therapy.

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