Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 1, The Journey to Rewriting the Rules on Digestive Health

So shortly after this video on November 13th, I successfully acquired proper referral to Gastroenterology for possible future screening colonoscopy. I've followed state protocol while living on disability, and now the date has been set to finally meet my digestive health doctor on December 10th, 11:30am. 

I'm not nervous at all, as I know I'm doing the right thing in pursuing this far more sooner than when it's potentially "too late." Given the family medical history of colon cancer on my mother's side, and my long HIV-positive status, it's vital that no risks be taken. We only have one life to live, and by screening early, I'm hopeful of establishing a baseline reference point for the future of my own digestive health. 

So after December 10th, I will follow up with my online blogging family, and let everyone the outcome of my first visit. Will they do scans? Schedule a colonoscopy? That's the game plan at least. I truly and sincerely hope by doing this important decision, that someone is paying attention to this and through my case, the rule book can be rewritten for those living with Hemophilia, HIV, Hepatitis C, or all three. If you know someone that needs to read this, please share my web site link, as I want everyone to follow my progress during this time. Your prayers and continued support are greatly appreciated. 

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