Friday, September 11, 2015

Factoring Up Will Never Be The Same

Today September 11th, 2015 is a date in which we not only pause to reflect on the tragic events 14 years ago in New York City and the Nation's Capitol, but strangely enough, a day of rejoicing within the bleeding disorders community. The FDA announced today that Roche's new drug ACE910 has been escalated to fast track status promising amazing results and a game changer among hemophiliacs suffering with Type A severe clotting disorders.

The new drug will be a breakthrough "subcutaneous injection" steering away from the traditional vein or port access among hemophiliacs today. The under the skin injection will be administered once a week among hemophiliac patients who have no inhibitors to factor VIII proteins. The first trials are expected to commence in early 2016 in young pediatric patients with Type A severe hemophilia. Control studies will be tested in both inhibitor resistant and non-inhibitor patients.

"Sandra Hornung, the chief medical officer at Roche, said that the FDA granted permission because they recognize that it meets a segment of the population that it hasn’t met before."

As a hemophiliac myself, having my veins accessed for the past 35 years, this new anti-hemophiliac factor VIII will be one to keep our eyes on. Though the nation may mourn the events of 14 years, members of the bleeding disorder community rejoice today in light of Roche's announcement of the new hemophilia drug.

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