Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 155, My Prayer Today

Thank goodness, the last couple weeks have been relatively side effect free. I've been utilizing this time not only in reflecting over the last 6 months and where God has brought me from, but also humbled with a heart of thanksgiving. Seeking treatment, in my case, has been a huge undertaking and might I add not an easy one. Over a year it took me bouncing from doctor to doctor in search of treatment, seeking hope of a cure of my Hepatitis C. The fact I'm finishing up on the final two weeks, and ultimately got the treatment I needed, and got the cure, is nothing more than a miracle from God Himself. Even more astounding, the medication comes with a hefty price tag of $1000 per pill, which is roughly $84,000 for 3 months or close to $170,000 for 6 months. God not only spared me of this financial behemoth, but at zero cost out pocket. I'm simply flabbergasted at how insanely awesome the past year has been from seeking treatment, finding it and taking the drugs themselves (Sovaldi & Ribavirin). I've had my share of struggles, but the clouds of gloom have evaporated, and the Son is shining so much brighter now than ever. Today, I officially have 12 days remaining, and for the first time while on treatment, I don't have headaches, I don't have congestion, sinus infections, riba-rage, mood swings or moments of brain fog. It's like removing a film from the eye as everything gets crisper, brighter and more vivid. The clarity I have now mentally is truly peace of mind, and the focus will not be on my own selfish needs, but sharing this testimony with the world.

I rejoice today, with heart of thanksgiving to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who not only paved the way for my healing, but allowed me a second chance to spread the news of the gospel to even more. My years have truly been extended, my body is healing slowly after the 30+ year dragon that dwelt within, and my soul is on fire for God. “He must become greater; I must become less.John 3:30.

Closing Prayer - Father in Heaven, I praise you and give you glory today and honor your son's sacrifice on the cross to give an undeserving man like me a chance to shine, not for my glory, but for yours. Lord I thank you for these past six months, I praise you for the struggles, trials and hardships as they've made me so much stronger physically and mentally. I rejoice in my suffering, because I know you have something truly amazing in store for me. I rejoice and give thanks for providing me with the hands of care, the doctor's and nurses involved during this whole treatment process. I pray you give them each a special blessing in their lives. Thank you Father for providing for my family, food on our table, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet and even more importantly a second chance at life. Lord in all that I do, I will honor you. Put a fire in my soul to be more like you, and therein help others around the world see proof that you still can heal. Forgive me Father for my sinful nature, and those things that I do that do not bring you glory and honor. In everything I do, everything I am, have your guiding hand in my life. It's in His holy and precious name I pray, Amen. 

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