Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 115, HIV Positive Hemophiliac on Cover of Men's Health Magazine


I met Vaughn Ripley back at the Hemophilia Federation of America HFA annual conference, but have known him for far longer. We became friends on Facebook, and share stories of living day to day with Hemophilia and co-infection. Vaughn not represents the entire Hemophilia community, but is an advocate for HIV Awareness and a survivor of Hepatitis C having been cured some time ago. His strive for health, mental wellness and overall positive lifestyle has excelled him beyond what was initially predicted.

Vaughn needs our help, so this a call to the entire community to assist us. Vaughn is trying to land the role as cover photo on an upcoming issue of the popular "Men's Health" magazine. The famous publication is seeking the not just a common man, but one who embodies extraordinary talents, overcome insurmountable odds, and lives a notable healthy lifestyle. We have until June 15th to vote, and you can vote once a day for him. VOTE! And vote daily! The direct link is:

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  1. Thanks, Joe! This is a very nice post and encompasses what I'm trying to achieve... AWARENESS! You rock, brother!